We are always learning. Here are a few of our favorite resources.


Why 20 Years in the Law School Classroom Taught Me That Mindfulness is the Ticket to Wellbeing

by Judi Cohen

Understanding the Stress Response

by Harvard Medical School

Paternity Leave was Crucial after the Birth of my Child and Every Father Deserves It

by Alexis Ohanian

Both Men and Women Should ‘Uncover’ Family Responsibilities at Work

by KJ Dell'Antonia (The New York Times)

Why Companies Have Started to Coach New Parents

by Tara Siegel Barnard (The New York Times)

The Agency Moment

by David Brooks (The New York Times)

How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain.

by Gretchen Reynolds

Burnout: A Necessary Part of Lawyers’ Lives?

By Randall Christison (PDQ)

Living (Happily) Surrounded by Conflict: Surprise! How Lawyers are Leading the Mindfulness Revolution

by Judi Cohen

Why So Few Women And Minorities At The Top? Here's The Real Reason.

by Dorie Clark (Forbes)

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

by Charles Duhigg (The New York Times Magazine)

Professional Coaching for Lawyers

by Andrea Goldman & Stephen Seckler (GP Solo Magazine)

How to Give a Meaningful “Thank You”

by Mark Goulston (Harvard Business Review)

Find the Coaching in Criticism

by Sheila Heen & Douglas Stone (Harvard Business Review)

The Confidence Gap

by Katty Kay & Claire Shipman (The Atlantic)

Improving Associate Morale Through Career Coaching

by Karen Kleiman (Practice Innovations Newsletter)

Kenji Yoshino explores the cost of conformity at work

by NYU Law

Why We Need Older Women in the Workplace

by Lisa Miller (New York Magazine)

How to Disappoint Others and Still Excel Professionally

by Gracy Obuchowicz (Conscious Company Magazine)

Coaches Aren’t Just for Sports Teams

by Debra Orbacz (International Coach Federation)

The Value of Coaching in the Law Firm

by Cynthia Pladziewicz (West LegalEdcenter)

Why Some Men Pretend to Work 80-Hour Weeks

by Erin Reid (Harvard Business Review)

Making time for kids? Study says quality trumps quantity

by Brigid Schulte (The Washington Post)