A few fun facts (in No Particular Order) about Dina & Jill

A beautiful beef-brown-bull, because Dina loves cows.

A beautiful beef-brown-bull, because Dina loves cows.

Dina’s Fun Facts

  • I love few things more than planning trips to far-away lands. The process of researching and curating an international adventure lights me up, almost as much as living the adventure.

  • I feel blessed that I found the field of coaching after years inside BigLaw.

  • I cherish being Noah’s mom and Darren’s wife, two men who have taught me to stretch and explore beyond my comfort zone, including on the ski slopes and at sushi restaurants.

  • I am not ashamed to sing badly and whistle off tune. I recognize these inclinations can be annoying.

  • I am passionately committed to creating a world free of multiple sclerosis.

  • I am slightly obsessed with our Portland Trailblazers, who occupy my thoughts on a regular basis.

  • I am moved by metaphors and use them regularly, and my vocabulary is not hindered by the narrow rules of grammar.

  • I am inspired by my late mother’s uncanny ability to belly laugh and live in the moment, despite hideous disease.

  • I excel at flea markets and have mad skills negotiating with vendors, which I attribute to my Russian immigrant roots.

  • I cherish hiking and walking with Sabine, our wise and patient flat coat retriever from the Humane Society, and Osa, our child-like and perpetually joyful golden retriever.

  • I believe that meals are incomplete without dessert.

  • I am an only child and still hold hands with my dad while walking down the street.

  • I appreciate the treasured feeling of spaciousness that mindfulness and barre3 give me.

  • I love cows.

  • I am grateful to call Portland, Oregon home and exhale deeply every time the plane lands in PDX.

Dina’s dogs, Sabine & Osa

Dina’s dogs, Sabine & Osa

An original oil painting by Jill’s Mom, Ann Ruttan.

An original oil painting by Jill’s Mom, Ann Ruttan.

Jill’s Fun Facts

  • I am the daughter of a famous local landscape painter and a lawyer - I come by my love of nature, creativity and the law honestly.

  • I love the place that real estate development plays in building community.

  • I love wearing sunglasses.

  • I have two teenagers, two Labrador retrievers and one husband. Only the labradors get featured on instagram.

  • I am a self-taught cook. I’ve logged hours of Food Network & Top Chef.

  • I played competitive golf and soccer throughout my youth. I’m not that good at either anymore, but I can talk a good game.

  • I love the Portland Thorns. I love the Oregon Ducks even more.

  • I am a native Oregonian - I was born in Salem and moved to the Portland area at age 6 months. I always say I am lucky to have been born in Oregon where I feel my heart belongs.

  • I am a serious skeptic turned serious meditator. My family is now trained to turn around and walk out when they find me “on the cushion.”

  • I am related to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  • I always have a recommendation for a book, a TV show, a movie or a podcast.

  • I hold a mean plank at Barre3 and can hike a serious hill (slowly).

  • I loved taking my children to Oregon Children’s Theatre throughout their youth. It was always just as fun watching their faces light up as it was to watch the stage.

  • I spent many childhood summers in Central Oregon and continue to spend as much time there as I can as an adult.

Jill’s dogs, Elio & Mazie

Jill’s dogs, Elio & Mazie