Embracing Multigenerational Diversity

This talk helps people connect across generations by developing an understanding of how the world we grow up in impacts our behavior in the workplace. Delivered with joy and an appreciation of the strengths of each generation, participants will leave with a better understanding of themselves and one another that leads directly to better working relationships.

Diversity Training

Using concepts such as implicit bias, cultural competency, equity and compassion, we build a custom diversity training just right for you. By taking into account the mindset and knowledge base of your organization’s participants along with your strategic goals, we build a program that provides a deeper understanding of diversity and how each of us plays a part in building an equitable and inclusive work environment.

The Art of Authentic Business Development

What does the “power of authenticity” really mean? This talk explores the science and data behind authenticity and provides the three keys to creating an authentic sales strategy: self-awareness, building strong relationships and listening. But, then what? We teach participants how to take what they’ve learned and create simple and quick business development habits that will unlock the power of authenticity in their own business development efforts.

Improving Communication with DiSC

This fun and interactive workshop helps participants improve their communication skills and build better relationships by understanding the role of communication styles and preferences. This program uses a DiSC self-assessment to: (i) help participants develop a deep awareness of their own communication styles and preferences (ii) learn how to leverage their styles and preferences for effectiveness and (iii) provide practical strategies for improving relationships across communication differences. 

Effective Presentation Skills

Learn (and practice!) the most critical skills for giving great presentations.  This engaging workshop brings together experiential learning with proven techniques to improve speaking skills dramatically in a single day.  Participants regularly report that it also provides a great platform for teams to have fun and bond while learning something useful. 

Behavioral Interviewing for Increased Diversity and Talent Retention

This program provides you with a solid understanding of why behavioral interviewing works, how it will increase diversity and team performance in your organization, and practical suggestions to help you implement a behavioral interviewing protocol that will immediately improve your hiring process.

The Art of Feedback

This program provides a mix of experiential learning and theory that builds the skill of giving and receiving constructive feedback. The workshop leaves participants ready to tackle feedback in a manner that builds strong relationships and increases skillsets. Feedback conversation templates and checklists are provided to help people put into practice what they learn during the Art of Feedback.

Inclusive Leadership

At the intersection of diversity and people leadership, this presentation demonstrates how strong inclusive leadership skills result in increased productivity and engagement and better results for clients.  By explaining what inclusive leadership really means and showing its direct tie to better outcomes, leaders will leave inspired and ready to lead their teams to an even brighter future. 

Practical Strategies for Everyday Wellness

Participants learn practical ways to incorporate mindfulness into the busy everyday lives of professionals. The material combines practical strategies to combat stress and increase mindfulness with important information about mental health issues. This talk will leave participants feeling optimistic about the future armed with practical strategies to increase their own wellness and a deeper understanding of why it’s so important.

*For lawyers, this talk routinely qualifies for state bar CLE credit for ethics, access to justice and/or cognitive impairment requirements.

New Partner Program

The move to partner can be challenging and professionals often feel a sense of isolation as they leave behind the community of associates. This yearlong new partner program provides new partners with the opportunity to build new business, create a community with their fellow new partners and together to develop the skills and relationships that will be the foundation for the rest of their careers.

Team Building & Retreat Facilitation

Drawing on our decade of experience running law firm events, we can help you design and facilitate your teambuilding event or retreat.  Using fast paced and fun activities, we can help you reach your desired outcomes and help your group create community and lasting connection. 


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