What is Integral Coaching?

Integral Coaching is intended to be the most comprehensive way to build competence to face one’s life situation by attending to the whole person. The intended outcomes of integral coaching include:

  • long-term excellence

  • capacity to self-correct

  • competence to self-generate

  • Integral coaching addresses four domains:

    • communication and relationship

    • self-knowledge and self-management

    • environment

    • personal behavior

Through coaching, we expose our clients to new practices and exercises, which are custom-designed for them, their individual goals, and their unique work environments. Coaching allows individuals to focus on their immediate concerns, as well as their long-term goals. It allows them to focus on self-management, as well as how they lead and influence others. Ultimately, through coaching, clients gain an expanded capacity to take effective action, skillfully self-correct when they find themselves off course, and continuously improve.

Who Can Benefit from Integral Coaching?

Integral coaching can benefit any professional ready to take action towards achieving their individual definition of success. Our coaching clients include the following:

  • Executive leaders

  • Newly promoted professionals

  • High performers approaching promotion

  • Professionals transitioning into new role or work arrangement (e.g. lateral hires)

  • Expecting and newly returning parents

  • Professionals navigating and managing alternative schedules

  • Departing/transitioning professionals (e.g. retirement, assumption of new role within company, managed transition, office move)

  • Committee leaders and group/office chairs taking on new administrative responsibilities


Options for Structuring Coaching Engagements:

6-month individual engagement, including bi-monthly in-person or telephone meetings. Individual engagements include an intake conversation, program design and ongoing support/correspondence.

In-office retainer option: This option includes bi-monthly presence at your office location, on a half-day or full day basis, to meet with coaching clients. Includes breakfast or lunch meeting with management representative.

Group Coaching Facilitations: This option brings a cohort together to discuss a shared situation, such as new parents or newly promoted partners. The cohort meets at your office location on a monthly basis over 6 -12 months depending on program design.

We look forward to talking to you about structuring an arrangement that meets your needs and desires.